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  • Corn's fundamental foundation June 2, 2016
    The performance of July soybean meal futures these past two months has been truly epic. The agricultural markets have had significant rallies in the past, but rarely has a single month of a single commodity staged such a significant solo performance.
  • Crude concerns make a comeback May 26, 2016
    Remember when we had supply concerns in oil?Well it looks like those days are back. Despite high global supplies, demand may now be at the point where it is actually exceeding daily global oil output. Oil prices in Europe have already exceeded $50.00 a barrel on that possibility.
  • Unprecedented pain May 23, 2016
    Iran says it has no plans to freeze oil exports, causing weakness in the price of oil at the start of the week.

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  • Testing Weeds for Herbicide-Resistance October 20, 2016
    Do you have weeds that survived this year’s herbicide application(s)? Since there are many factors that can contribute to weed escapes, consider: The distribution of escaped weeds. Herbicide-resistant weeds tend to occur in patches as opposed to geometric patterns (e.g. spray miss) or throughout the field (e.g. tolerant weeds). Possibility of reduced herbicide efficacy. 2016 […]
  • Are Herbicides Still Effective After a Fall Frost? October 11, 2016
    Fall is a great time to control perennials such as Canada thistle, perennial sow thistle and dandelion. As temperatures cool, nutrients move from the leaves down into the roots and if a herbicide can be taken up and translocated with those nutrients, it can equal better control. Glyphosate and/or the group 4s are examples of […]